Beveled Glass Mahogany Doors & Windows - Atlanta, Georgia

Specialty Wood Doors

We carry a wide variety of specialty mahogany exterior doors with specialty shapes and glazing options.    These are available in a wide range of sizes. Please contact us for details.


Segmentented Arch Doors

These solid engineered segmented arch door units are constructed of Nyatoh (Tropical Cherry). These 8' tall units are available in 5'0", 5'4", and 6'0" widths and come with custom jamb and trim molding sets. You can enhance these doors with glass from our Old World selection of textured glass or restoration window glass as well as decorative wrought iron grills! By the way, the grain patterns in Nyatoh can be compared to African Sapele mahogany with its ribboning and unique deep luminescence.

 6080 Seg Arch solid 2 panelADN6080_sa601ADN6080_sa601a

             Solid Panel                                   Six Lite Straight Bar                    Six Lite Arch Bar

                     ADN6080_sa9a01        ADN6080_saep_openpanel

                                 Nine Lite Marginal                               One Lite

Arch & Half Moon Doors

Solid Center Arch Doorcenter_arch-ADO681000lancaster_halfmoon-IGGBD176H

      Solid Center Arch      Open Center Arch              Half Moon with Lancaster                                                                  These area available in 3' widths and 6'8" heights only.


                 Elipse 6834_ellipse-ADO887000Elipse 6834_ellipse-ADO887000Elipse 8034_ellipse-ADO887000Elipse 6834_ellipse-ADO887000

       Elliptical True divided Lite Doors are available in 3 foot widths by 6'8" or 8' heights.