Beveled Glass Mahogany Doors & Windows - Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Front Doors

Do we sell 10 inch sidelights?  Yes - go look at the Jackson, Jefferson, Lancaster and Windsor collections in the Beveled Glass Door Section.  We also offer ten inch sidelights to match our TDL, Wrought Iron and Craftsman Doors.


What size are my sidelites? Look at this pdf.      How to measure your sidelites.pdf


Are doors hard to finish?   Not really - aside from being messy, finishing a door is not that hard and we will come back to install your door when you are done.   We offer ala carte pricing so you can do as little or as much of the work yourself and save a few dollars.       Door Finishing Instructions


What size is my door frame?   Bevel King has compiled this schedule of the sizes of most common configurations.  Also, because we are working with wood, it is frequently possible to modify the door or sidelights to work in a wide variety of non-standard openings. Bevel King Unit Size and Rough Openings


Do we offer a Warranty?  All of our installations and finishing is covered by a One Year Warranty.  All of our doors and glass are covered by the manufacturer's warranty from Bevel King.   Bevel King Warranty

Zinc or Black Came - What's the difference?  These pictures will explain.     Zinc or Black.PDF