Beveled Glass Mahogany Doors & Windows - Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Front Doors

We stock the following Garden Tub Windows in sizes to fit most rectangular bath windows. These installations are made by overlaying the leaded glass over your existing window. This retains the strength and energy efficiency of your original glass while adding beauty and privacy to your master bathroom. We can literally transform your bath in just a few hours!

. Single Glazed Overlay Glass.

Blue DreamFantasyParadise


RomanceRose GardenSea Shell


. Insulated Glass .

We also stock insulated garden tub windows. These Bevel King® spa windows measure 46" x 46" and suitable for the standard 48" x 48" spa window opening. They are crafted using a wide variety of clear textures. Like the Bevel King® doors, the LG 75 and LG 85 are triple glazed offering enhanced energy efficiency. The beveled glass is sandwiched between two clear sheets of tempered glass for safety. They are very strong and easy to keep clean.


LG 85                                LG 75

We have many other designs that are made to order. Or we can make custom patterns and shapes such as round, elliptical, arch top or oval. Pricing for a custom window is available upon request but ranges from $40.00 to $120.00 per square foot.
We also can repair or replace your fogged or rotted sashes.
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